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Classic somen noodles

“Nyumen” is a combination of somen noodles and warm soup, along with seasonal ingredients. Please enjoy the double dashi soup with the umami of the basic Japanese-style dashi and ingredients, together with two types of noodles: raw noodles and whole wheat noodles.

Warm Onmen


Warm Japanese-style dashi stock topped with homemade dashi rolls. The scent of bonito rises when you pull the gentle noodles. It is a basic dish to know the charm of "straight rope" noodles.

Ume-kelp Okakamen


It is topped with three flavors: pickled plums from Nanko plums from Wakayama Prefecture, soft and fluffy kombu seaweed, and carefully fermented dried bonito flakes. It has a light and gentle taste.

homemade herring


Homemade herring that has been carefully rehydrated and boiled with chili peppers is topped.

Natural sea bream noodles


Luxuriously used natural sea bream, which has an elegant flavor without a fishy smell. The soup contains the double umami ingredients of sea bream bones and bonito stock, which are made from grilled sea bream bones.

Seasonal shellfish noodles


We select clams and large clams that have the best taste according to the season, and the succinic umami that comes out of the shellfish in a soup that combines shellfish soup and bonito soup is a perfect match with hot sake.

Yamato Beef Noodles


We use "Yamato beef" raised by a designated farmer in the rich nature of Nara. In order to bring out the flavor of Yamato beef, it is cooked only with Japanese-style dashi, soy sauce, and mirin along with sasakaki burdock root.

Watandan Cold Noodles


Yamato pork mince is cooked sweet and salty with doubanjiang, real Japanese pepper, and Japanese spices. The red miso-based soup with plenty of kneaded sesame and roasted sesame seeds also has the umami of bonito stock.

Cold Onmen


ON TOKYO's carefully selected noodles "Hitosujinawa" is a simple menu that allows you to experience the deliciousness of the noodles themselves, such as the smooth texture, the scent of wheat, and the unique elasticity of the noodles.

Yamato Pork Dashi Tsumeken


Uses branded pork "Yamato Pork" raised by a producer designated by Nara Prefecture. Please enjoy the smooth-textured whole wheat noodles in the Yamato pork dipping soup that has been quickly cooked with ginger.


Seasonal somen noodles

Mushroom Starchy Sauce Noodles 1,480 yen

Sea Eel and Matsutake Mushroom Noodles 2,600 yen

Spicy Curry Noodles 1,650 yen



a la carte at night

Before reaching the noodles. It is a la carte for you to enjoy delicious detours. Wine, sake, craft beer. We offer both Japanese side dishes and Western hors d'oeuvres that complement each other.

* The contents may change depending on the purchase of ingredients.



To ensure that desserts are just as delicious and safe to enjoy as meals, we have made conscious efforts to use only the finest ingredients, with a minimum of sweetness, that will delight both the palate and the mind. Please enjoy your dessert time after your meal in a relaxed atmosphere.



Food and drinks are the two wheels of deliciousness. We offer a wide variety of drinks that go well with food, such as light flavors for light flavors and rich flavors for strong flavors, including sake, natural wines, craft beers, and non-alcoholic beverages.

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