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learning from the past

Through somen,
Disseminating new culture to the world

Born and nurtured in the ancient capital of Nara, somen has been carefully selected and evolved in Tokyo. ``ON TOKYO'' will open in Nakameguro, Tokyo.


A space where Japanese and Western harmonize

The interior of the store, which has an elegant color tone that makes the most of the warmth of wood, is particular about basic designs that are loved over time, from masterpiece chairs and lights to environmentally friendly sustainable furniture. The windows are adorned with shoji screens, giving a modern interpretation of Japanese tradition. Please spend a relaxing time with delicious food in a comfortable space where the taste increases with age.


Commitment to materials and manufacturing methods

Somen is made from wheat flour, salt, and water. It is a common manufacturing method to stretch it by hand using edible oil. However, ON TOKYO chose somen that uses Yoshino arrowroot and sun-dried salt without using any oil. There is no oxidation of the oil, and the noodles have a beautiful sheen and are smooth and smooth. Whether you eat it cold or hot, you will be surprised at how the taste of the noodles has evolved.



We offer seasonal flavors that make use of ingredients from Nara, the birthplace of somen. Please enjoy a variety of somen noodles and nyumen noodles based on Japanese cuisine and beautiful creative a la carte dishes.


We have a lineup of unique junmai sake, centered on Nara's famous sake, which has the charm of both tradition and innovation. From fresh new sake to matured sake that has accumulated many years, select according to the season and cuisine.


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ON TOKYOでは、こだわりの日本酒をお料理とともによりお楽しみいただけるよう定期的に蔵元さんをお招きするペアリングイベント「にゅうめんと旬の料理と奈良の酒」を企画しております。 来たる11月6日(月)、奈良県宇陀市の銘醸蔵『久保...

An omakase course meal has been added to the evening menu.

"ON Omakase Course" is now available on ON TOKYO's night menu . You can enjoy the entire menu with seven dishes, f...

Introducing a seasonal menu to enjoy the autumn season

We are finally starting to feel the signs of autumn, and the season for warm and delicious noodles is here. Starting ...

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