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Savor the flavors of the season. summer dish

At dinner time, we also recommend the a la carte dishes where you can enjoy seasonal flavors. We will introduce some of the special menus that make use of ingredients unique to summer.

Summer vegetable smile <br>Summer vegetables with the flavor of Japanese-style soup are made into a colorful jelly. It has a fresh and refreshing taste that opens the door to your appetite.

Black sesame soymilk tofu <br>I made soymilk tofu with nutritious black sesame containing anthocyanin and iron. A side dish full of black sesame, which is said to improve liver function, is a must-have to accompany sake.

Sea bream wrapped in kelp and vegetables <br>A combination of natural sea bream wrapped in kelp and seasoned with seasonal vegetables. The acidity of the plum jelly that connects the sea bream and vegetables goes well with the refreshing summer sake that serves as the starter of the meal.

Grilled Eggplant and Shrimp Beans
A special product of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, "ebi-mame", which is made by steaming soybeans and shrimp, is combined with fragrant and soft grilled eggplant.

Young sweetfish pickled in Nanban <br>Kansai region's classic summer dish, young sweetfish from Lake Biwa are pickled in Nanban. Triple vinegar, which is a combination of mellow rice vinegar and bonito stock, brings out the bitterness of young sweetfish.

Enjoy summer dishes that are pleasing to the eyes and tongue, along with nyumen and somen noodles.

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