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Taste and how to enjoy summer sake

Sake is a sake that can be enjoyed with meals that changes with the seasons. In the hot summer, cold sake that cools you down on the table will also play a role in waking up your appetite, which tends to fall off.

In recent years, the genre called "summer sake" has become established, and various sake breweries have shipped sake with the word "summer", and the variety of tastes has become richer.

Then, what is the difference between other seasonal sake and "summer sake" ?

It can be said that one of the characteristics is that it has a "low alcohol content" and "high acidity", although it cannot be lumped together.

A type of summer sake with a light and high acidity that stands close to white wine, it seems that many of them are suitable for the first half of the meal, such as vegetable dressings, marinades, pickles, various salads, and carpaccio. As a good contrast, unfiltered raw unprocessed sake with a rich and high concentration can be enjoyed in a refreshing way by floating ice to lower the concentration.

In addition, the strong taste of unfiltered raw sake goes well with hearty dishes such as fried fish and meat, and roasts.

Another way to enjoy summer sake is to warm it up. In the hot summer, you can also expect the effect of warming your body that is cold in the air conditioner by drinking hot sake.

Summer sake selection of ON TOKYO

Kaze no Mori / Yamada Nishiki 807 ( Gose City, Nara Prefecture, Yucho Sake Brewery )

It's a refreshing and dry type with a sense of gas, but it also has a beautiful umami derived from Yamada Nishiki at the bottom of the taste.

Kaze no Mori/ALPHA 1 (Nara Prefecture Gose City, Yucho Sake Brewery )

Although it is a low-alcohol liquor with an alcohol content of 14% , it maintains a fresh gas feeling and a juicy taste with a hint of muscat.

Kushira (Gose City, Nara Prefecture, Chiyo Sake Brewery)

Yamada Nishiki's rich umami is balanced with a clean acidity that leaves a sharp and refreshing aftertaste. Even though it is Junmai Ginjo sake, it has a moderate aroma, and can be paired with a wide range of dishes. Even if it is made into hot sake, the umami will increase.

Hanatomo (Yoshino Town, Nara Prefecture, Miyoshino Brewery) Yamahai Junmai Raw Genshu

It has a rich richness and umami, and a unique sourness derived from lactic acid fermentation, and goes well with dairy products such as cheese, butter, and cream. It is a powerful sake that goes well with meat dishes.

KURAMOTO ( Haibara City, Nara Prefecture, Kuramoto Sake Brewery)  SE

Although it is Japanese sake, it has a sharp acidity reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc, and has a fresh and transparent taste. Alcohol content is 14 degrees.

Mimuro Cedar ( Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, Imanishi Sake Brewery)

It is characterized by a refreshing acidity that comes from the strong vitality of the shubo, and it also contains the nuances of fruits such as white peach. Low alcohol type with 13% frequency.

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