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Introducing a seasonal menu to enjoy the autumn season

We are finally starting to feel the signs of autumn, and the season for warm and delicious noodles is here. Starting September 12th, ON TOKYO will be offering seasonal noodles and a la carte dishes in anticipation of autumn. Enjoy the flavors of autumn, such as mushrooms and conger conger, with a gentle Kansai-style soup stock.

Mushroom Ankake Noodles Several types of mushrooms are pre-cooked with sake and soy sauce, then mixed with the soup stock, thickened with Yoshino kudzu, and topped with ginger and mitsuba condiments.

Conger Matsutake Mushroom Noodles A dish that allows you to enjoy the autumn season, with the umami of conger conger (from Awaji) topped with plenty of fat and Yamato Tachibana, and the rich flavor of matsutake mushrooms. Served with plum meat and grated Yamato Tachibana.

Mushroom Kayaku Rice
Several types of mushrooms are deep-fried and cooked with carrots in Kansai-style soup stock. Enjoy the texture and flavor of mushrooms in an autumnal dish with somen noodles.

Natural sea bream and small turnip bath blowing
A combination of natural red sea bream from Awaji that has been steamed in sake and small turnips cooked in dashi stock, and served with homemade akadama miso, which is carefully kneaded with sake, eggs, and red miso.

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